Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hong Kong Weather

Time zone:
GMT +8 (+7 during summer)

Longitude: 114.6 E

Latitude: 22.4 N

Flower of Hong Kong: Bauhinia

Hong Kong weather carries the typical feature of oceanic climate with hot and humid summer; cold and dry winter. Hence the best season to travel Hong Kong is spring and autumn, namely February/March and October/November. In these days, you are almost guaranteed of good weather and less number of tourists and relatively low hotel rates.

You must agree that weather is an important factor that will seriously affect your travel pleasure. So let’s get to know more about the weather of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Weather - General
Hong Kong weather is never too extreme. In summer, it seldom goes beyond 33ºC, and in winter, it seldom goes below 10ºC.

Though summer is hot, Hong Kong is fitted with air conditioning everywhere. Once you are indoor, you are fine. As Hong Kong weather is never too severe in winter, public places don’t have heaters on.

English Hong Kong weather information: dial 18501 when in Hong Kong. Expect some advertising to begin with.

Hong Kong Weather - Typhoons
One important thing you need to know about Hong Kong weather is typhoon. Typhoons occur between May and October every year. When signal number 8 is up, offices close and transportation services stop. Flights may be disrupted or cancelled. You are advised not to venture outdoors.

Typhoon signals are ranked 1, 3, 8, 9 and 10. While 9 and 10 denote a direct hit, it rarely happens. Our last number 10 was in 1999 and the previous one was in 1983. But there is generally a couple of number 8’s annually.

Nevertheless, please have an umbrella with you while visiting Hong Kong in summer. It protects you from sun and rain.

Hong Kong Weather - Rainstorms Warning
Another typical feature of Hong Kong weather is rain. Hong Kong rains quite a lot in summer. We have four levels of rainstorm warnings: thunderstorm, amber, red and black. Black rainstorm warning is somewhat like typhoon signal number 8. Most people don’t have to work when a ‘black rain’ is up. As a tourist, you are advised not to leave your hotel.

Anna’s Notes
Hong Kong is safe to be visited in summer. Though it rains a lot, flooding and landslide rarely happens nowadays. Be prepared to put up with the heat, or choose to visit in autumn.

Hong Kong Travel - Weather

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