Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Trees in Hong Kong

If you visit Hong Kong in the months of May or June, you are going see sights like these. Red trees everywhere. Being a native Hong Konger, I just can't stop myself behave like a visitor. Today (May 28, 2011) I go to the Victoria Park and take these photos. Hope you like them.

I am trying to take some close up of the flowers, but I'm not a professional photographer. And my camera is not professional also. But if you want to take a good look of the flowers, visit my friend Gao Lao's blog, his flowers are brilliant.

The building behind is Hotel Park Lane. If you want to have a good view of the Victoria Park and the red trees, do book a room with a park view.

Red Trees in motion.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Red Trees at the Victoria Park

Monday, May 9, 2011

Lamma Island Outing and Seafood

If you ever have an afternoon to spend in Hong Kong, what would you want to do? Shopping? Sightseeing at the Peak or Ocean Park or Disneyland? Well I would like to suggest a leisure eco walk combining with a live seafood dinner, which is a 'must' dining experience in Hong Kong.

Lamma Island Outing and Seafood Dinner
Take the 3.15pm ferry from Pier 4 in Central to Lamma Island Yung Shue Wan. If you stay at the Four Seasons or Mandarin Oriental, it is just a 5-10 minutes walk to the Pier. In about 30 minutes, you will arrive at Lamma Island. Take a very scenic walk to Sok Kwu Wan. The route is easy to walk, even you have kids with you. Admire the beautiful landscape and beaches on the way and you will arrive at Sok Kwu Wan between 5.30pm and 6pm, depending on how quick you walk. Enjoy a live seafood dinner and take the 7.35pm ferry back to Central. In about 30 minutes, you are back to Central again. You can still make time to explore Lan Kwai Fong, if you have the energy.

Last Friday, I just went through the above itinerary. Here is a pictorial report of my journey.

On the way, make sure to enjoy the very traditional authentic 'tofu fa' dessert. Hot and cold available at HK$9@

Beautiful landscape around Lamma Island

There are beaches and observations decks where you can take a little rest on the way. When you are about to arrive Sok Kwu Wan, you'll see some fishing sampans.

When you pass by the Tin Hou Temple (Godess of the Sea), you will arrive Sok Kwu Wan in a few minutes. Feel free to visit the temple.

When you pass the temple, you'll see many seafood restaurant lining up along the seafront. Don'f forget to buy some dry seafood souveniors.

Pick a restaurant, sit down and start to pick your favourite live seafood from the tanks.

The restaurants are nearby the sea. Enjoy seaview and breeze while having dinner. Restaurants are generally available. No advance booking required.

OK, here come the dinner: Deep Fried Squid


Garoupa duo - meat for stir fried with vegetable

below are the head and bones for steaming

Clams with Garlic and Jelly Noodle

Stir Fried Spicy Crabs

We also had fresh prawns, fried rice, vegetables, desserts and fruits

NOTE: Try to avoid June, July and August which are the hottest months in Hong Kong. October and November are the best months to do this.

Recommended restaurant: Lamma Hilton (You don't have to find it, when you arrive Sok Kwu Wan, you'll see it.)

Dinner expenses all depend on the kind of seafood you choose, but you should budget for at least HK$200 (US$25.6) per person.

More ferry and travel information about Lamma Island

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Lamma Island and Seafood