Saturday, July 10, 2010

Macau Day Trip

Macau is just an hour jetfoil from Hong Kong. There are lots of fun whether you go on a day trip or overnight. I have a recent overnight trip to Macau. Here is a summary.

Go to casinos in Macau is a MUST. We went to the Sands where there were huge and beautiful casinos. We loved only the slot machines. After that, leaving at the coach station exit, we took a 5-minute walk to the Macau Cultural Centre.

There were paid and free shows. Anyway the entrance fee was only MOP5 and we went through all the shows.

Pottery Show at the Macau Cultural Centre

Paintings as well
Enjoy some Portuguese food is also a MUST. There are lots of shops and Portuguese restaurants at the downtown of Taipa Island.

Portuguese Green Vegetable Soup

Baked Mussels

Fried Rice with Portuguese Bacalhau

Take bus No.33 to the downtown of Taipa Island to the Portuguese House Museum. There are announcements and displays on board the bus, so you won't get lost. Very cool and comfortable even on a summer evening. At this little hill, you can also oversee the Macau landmark Venetian at a moderate distance.

Portuguese House Museum

Closed by 5.30pm. We were late, but still managed to take photos outside.

So our Macau trip consisted of casino, Macau food, museums and sightseeing. Why not give it a try? On weekdays, a package inclusive of one night hotel and return jetfoil tickets for two people will be HK$1,100 up. Quite a good deal. You may even win some lucky money at the casinos.

Venetian Macau
View from the Portuguese House Museum
on Taipa Island

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