Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mobile Phone Multi-Tasking in Hong Kong

We always talk about multi-tasking in the work place. But it does not stop there.  You can find people multi-tasking everywhere in Hong Kong, and most of these scenarios are having mobile phones involved.  Indeed, mobile phone has become an important part of the lives of many or even most people in Hong Kong.  Look at the photo below, is he busy enough? Nope, not at all.  Let me tell you two of the real scenes that I saw recently.

Mobile Phone Multi-Tasking Scenario 1
At the office building where I work, I saw a lady in front of me, bending her body which made her posture a bit odd and that caught my attention.  When we went into the same lift, I realized she was actually multi-tasking.  She has a moderately big bag hanging on her shoulder, holding an A4 size leather folder between her arm and body.  She was talking on the mobile phone (without headset), and at the same time holding 2 cups of coffee (without any carrying bag).  She did all these simultaneously while pressing the button in the lift to go where she wanted to go.  Is she busy enough?  I can hardly imagine where she came from, whether she bought the two cups of coffee before or after answering the mobile phone, either way, it was indeed challenging.

Mobile Phone Multi-Tasking Scenario 2
This second scenario is even more demanding.  On a rainy day, I was waiting for a tram at a tram stop and saw a man trying to get onboard a tram.  He had to close his umbrella, of course, while he went onto the tram.  At this same moment, he was holding a suitcase and talking on the mobile phone (without headset).  I don't know how someone with two hands can manage  that many tasks at the same time, but it did happen.  Of course the most unfortunate people were those who tried to get onboard the same tram.  I was afraid to get even wetter, so I chose to wait for the next tram.

After all, the other mobile phone multi-tasking seems to be nothing, such as I saw a man swimming and smoking while talking on the mobile phone.  My boss once told me he saw a man at the airport smoking, running with a trolley and at the same time speaking on the mobile phone. 

Well, what else will you do with mobile phones?