Saturday, August 20, 2016

Car Racing in Hong Kong

I love the excitement of car racing, but I’m also afraid of the dangerous nature. There is a place in Hong Kong where offers a virtual racing experience, which is completely safe, and everyone qualifies to be a racer. Here you don’t even have to care about DUI (driving under the influence) as you can even drive with one hand while the other hand holding a bottle of beer. A colleague of mine even talks on the mobile phone while driving and drinking! Wonderful multi-tasking skills!

My company had a team building event yesterday, and took us to the Sideways Driving Club where we all had great fun.  They have several English speaking young guys providing all-round assistance including catering, coaching and game administering.

We were offered to race on a BMW Mini simulating driving at a track in Germany. Some of the young guys gave hands-on assistance to those in need.  Although it was virtual, it was indeed quite exciting, and each of us had a driving turn of around 45 minutes.  After all, we all found very tired, just like having had a real race.

The place is relatively compact.  There are only 15 driving simulators.  The bar area is in the middle of the shop. We can only collect the food and eat while standing.  Atop of Lan Kwai Fong, it is easy for us to look for other entertainments after the race. 

The place operates daily between 12:00pm to 11:00pm. You can choose from one of the following packages or even join a membership.
  • Driving Only
  • Driving & Drinks
  • Driving & Catering
  • Driving, Drinks & Catering
The minimum cost will be HK$300 for one-hour driving only.  I personally would suggest driving only or driving & drinks.  Because there is no kitchen, the food was ordered from 3rd party and were no more fresh and hot when arriving.

The Driving Club also has a racing gear shop. You can buy all kinds of racing related gadgets here.

Sideways Driving Club
Chancery Lane, Central, Hong Kong