Monday, February 7, 2011

Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2011

Hong Kong Chinese New Year holidays are just over. Most people go back to work today. Let me report on what's been going on here.

CNY Foods
Here's what we eat. Every family assembles a platter of assorted candies to welcome their visiting friends and relatives. Roasted mellon seeds are among the musts.

CNY Candies Platter 全盒
There are many types of roasted mellon seeds - black, red, white - of various sizes and flavour. 瓜子
Even when we eat dim sum, the names all carry good meanings. This dish is called "Great Profits with Surplus" and it contains - pig's tongue (profit), fish balls (surplus), hairy vegetable (lucky money), osyter (good business).

Home-made Turnip Pudding (growth)
View my food blog to see
how I make turnip pudding at home.

CNY Activities
Here's what we do.

Preparing for a lion dance. This is one of the most traditional Chinese festival celebrations.
Floral decorations everywhere - home, offices, public areas...
Tao Hua is the most popular

Visit the year-end flower market.
Buy souveniors...

Buy Chinese handicrafts...

And of course buy flowers....

Tangerine is also very popular in Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong Chinese New Year 2011