Saturday, June 20, 2015

All About Dragon Boat Festival

Today is Dragon Boat Festival - May 5 in Chinese Calendar (June 20, 2015)

Today is Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese society generally have a day off.  In Hong Kong, it's a public holiday; while in China, the holiday spans through June 19 to 22.

Let's talk about some interesting facts about the festival.

Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is an important event in Hong Kong, domestically and internationally.  Every year, there are races being held, gathering local and internal rowers to create great gesture and fun.  South China Morning Post has shortlisted seven best places to view Dragon Boat Races in Hong Kong.  Click on the link below for more information.

Seven places in Hong Kong best for watching Dragon Boat Racing


In memory of Patriot Qu Yuan of Chu during the Warring States periods in China.  The little video presents the original of the festival along with some of it's associated activities and foods.

Dragon Boat Racing for Champion - Chinese Orchestra

As Dragon Boat Racing is such an important event among Chinese society, their is a famous music written for the activity.  Here it is played by Chinese Orchestra.  Click on it, enjoy the lovely music while having a sense of the races.

Dragon Boat Festival Foods

Of course dumplings are the most important.

Dumplings seem to be the only festival food being ate through out the year especially in Hong Kong.

There are many types, shapes and tastes.  But they are all wrapped by bamboo leaves and being steamed for a few hours.

Originally was meant to be thrown into the river so that fishes eat the dumplings rather than the body of Qu Yuan.

Egg yolk is an important ingredient for savory ones.  

For luxury ones, people may add pork, mushroom and many other ingredients that they like.  

As for the sweet ones, there is always lotus paste inside.

Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong