Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

Below is an approved list of the top 10 boutique hotels in Hong Kong from the company I work for. We have this list because some of our clients are tired of 5-star hotels and would like to have an alternate experience of boutique hotels where they can enjoy more spacious rooms and personlised services.

The money in bracket is just for indication as you know hotel room rates are subject to room type and are seasonal.

Depends on your need, one the boutique hotels below must fit your requirement. For luxury travellers - The Landmark Oriental and W Hong Kong are great. Need to meet clients in Central - LKF and Landmark Oriental are perfect. Need to attend events at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre - The Fleming is just opposite. Want to do shopping - Mira and Luxe Manor are ideal. Want to have a feeling of home away from home - try the Jia and Lanson Place.

I'll talk about each of these boutique hotels in my coming posts. Meanwhile, here are the hotel reviews for your quick reference. You can make bookings directly and enjoy a more attractive rate than booking from the hotel websites.

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (US$425 up)

W Hong Kong (US$264 up)

Hotel LKF by Rhombus (Lan Kwai Fong) (US$244 up)

Jia Boutique Hotel (US$196 up)

The Mira Hong Kong (US$180 up)

Fleming Hotel (US$165 up)

The Luxe Manor Hotel (US$155 up)

Lanson Place Hong Kong (US$132 up)

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View Hong Kong (US$77 up)
Hotel Jen (US$60 up)

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest

Lan Kwai Fong is a must-go place for you in Hong Kong – if you enjoy night life. If you are here around July, you’ll be able to participate in the Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest - one of the annual biggest ever street parties in Hong Kong featuring food and beer from around the globe, live music and dance shows, drinking and eating competitions and a lot more. With over 50 food, beer and interactive booths, every corner of Lan Kwai Fong will be heated up by numerous attractions!

Lan Kwai Fong Beerfest Video - 2008

Lan Kwai Fong Hong Kong - Nightlife

Here is a general overview of Lan Kwai Fong. Locals and visitors like this place and it is extremely crowded at night. During festival times, police even have to executive crowd management here.

Lan Kwai Fong

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hong Kong Bar Hopping - Top Choices

If you enjoy bar hopping, please make sure to visit Wanchai Hong Kong. Below are a number of the famous bars here. I live nearby this area and have noticed that these bars are among the most popular ones.

During day time, these bars are just like normal restaurants offering set lunches to white collars from the nearby office buildings. After dark, they are full of people enjoying drinks and live sports events from the large-screen HD TVs. My recommended bars below are just nearby in the same area. Feel free to visit them one by one.

A taste of Mexico.

Enjoy tequila? Here’s the place for you.

Old China Hand – The British bar
I don’t know why, but it is a fact, the Old China Hand is full of people 24/7. Do people enjoy going to a bar at early morning? Or did they stay there through overnight?

Delaney’s – The Irish Pub
It’s a good place to enjoy a set lunch during day time. I like the Irish style here.

The Dog’s House
One among the newest in this area. Very stylish interior design. You can also enjoy shopping the premium items here.

Nearby Hotels

The Fleming – An awarding winning boutique hotel. Opposite its main entrance is Lockhart Road and Jaffe Road. Just walk for a couple of minutes, and you can see the bars are. (Highly recommended)

The Wharney Exactly at the heart of the bar hopping district. But don’t worry about the noise. I live in this area. There had never been any conflict between the bars and the residents. (For reference only)

The Empire Hotel – At the other end of the bar hopping district. Opposite the main entrance, walk into Lockhart Road or Jaffe Road, you can find all the bars. (For reference only)

Hong Kong Bar Hopping

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hong Kong Museums


Dear museum fans

Here is an important link which contains valuable information about four museums around Tsimshatsui area in Kowloon.

Location wise, they are two by two, quite nearby to each other.

Group One
Hong Kong Space Museum‎
10 Salisbury Rd, Kowloon‎ +852 2721 0226‎

Hong Kong Museum of Art‎
10 Salisbury Rd, Kowloon‎ +852 2721 0116‎

These two museums are just next to each other and at the harbourfront of Kowloon overseeing the Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island. Visit the Museum Café at the podium of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and enjoy a scenic and leisure afternoon high tea before continuing your museum journey.

Anna at Museum Cafe (Hong Kong Museum of Art)

Group Two

Hong Kong Museum of History‎
Chatham Rd S, Kowloon‎ +852 2724 9042‎

Hong Kong Science Museum‎
2 Science Museum Rd, Hong Kong‎ +852 2732 3232‎

These two museums are just next to each other. However they will require some 15 minutes walk from the other two museums. I would suggest to take a short taxi ride (minimum fare will do) to save time for exploring the museums.

For All Four Museums

There are regular shows and themed shows. Entrance fee of HK$10-20 will be required. FREE admission on Wednesday.

Hong Kong Museums

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tea Museum of Hong Kong

I would like to propose a three-in-one museum tour - Hong Kong Park, Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Lock Cha Tea Shop.

At the main entrance of the Hong Kong Park, there is the Lock Cha Tea Shop, a vegetarian restaurant where you can enjoy a peaceful meal while doing the Chinese Art of Tea on yourself. Right next to it is the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware. Don't forget to explore the beautiful Hong Kong Park before you go.

Utensil for the Chinese Art of Tea.
You can DIY at the Lock Cha Tea House You can see everything about Chinese tea -
tea, tea pots, tea sets, tea history and so on...
Lock Cha Tea House
Open daily: 10am - 5pm (close on Tuesday)
Admission: Free
Transporation: MTR Admiratly Station (Exit C1)

Friday, October 23, 2009

University Museum & Art Gallery

I am going to kick off the Hong Kong Museum series. If you are a museum fan, please come back to my blog regularly.

Last weekend, I went to The University of Hong Kong and visited their Museum and Art Gallery. The shows are on rotation.

The one which is most impressive currently is The Fame of Flame - Imperial Ware of the Jiajing and Wanli Periods. See right-hand column for the slideshow. This exhibition will last Oct 14, 2009 through February 28, 2010.

94 Bonham Road, Hong Kong

Open Mon-Sat, 9.30am - 6pm
Admission Free

Transporation: Bus 23, get off at University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - IFC

IFC Mall

Among all Hong Kong shopping malls, the IFC Mall is the newest and most deluxe. It connects the IFC I and II and the newly opened Four Seasons Hotel. Even if you don’t plan to buy, you do worth making a trip here. You’ll find this mall extremely impressive. It is highly competitive to any other first class mall you could find in London, Paris or New York.

You can find the world’s finest everything here, a. testoni, Burberry, Cerruti 1881, Escada, Prada and so on. You must love this mall though things are expensive.

Direction: MTR Central station, Airport Express Hong Kong station

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - IFC

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Lankmark

The Landmark
The Landmark used to be the most prestigious among all Hong Kong shopping malls before the opening of the IFC mall. At the heart of Central, it connects two blocks of A-grade office buildings and the Landmark Oriental.

The mall itself has five levels and an in-door fountain in the middle. All kinds of world famous designers’ fashion, jewellery and leather goods are available here. At some stage, it was on local news headline that tourists line up at the Louis Vuitton shop at The Landmark as they were unable to buy original LV products at such attractive price elsewhere in the world.

Connected to the Landmark via covered foot bridges are smaller malls at Prince’s Building and Alexandra House. All these Hong Kong shopping malls are selling very prestigious fashion and accessories.

Direction: MTR Central station

Quick tip: In Central, there is a well developed cover footbridge network linking up most of the shopping malls. You call walk from Four Seasons Hotel to IFC all the way to The Landmark without crossing a road or carrying an umbrella on a rainy day. The buildings and malls in the network are namely IFC I & II, Exchange Square, Prince’s Building, Chater House, Alexandra House, Worldwide House and The Landmark.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping Malls

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Pacific Place

Pacific Place
Pacific Place has three phases, but shopping mall is mainly at phase one.

The goods here are of high quality however less expensive than IFC and Landmark. Famous department store Lane Crawford operates here. The whole of the basement are restaurants and supermarket.

Across the street via covered foot bridge is the Admiralty Centre. The goods here are far cheaper than those at the Pacific Place mainly selling fashion and accessories.

Pacific Place is connected to the Supreme Court of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Park via escalators. At the end of the escalators, there are three hotels namely Island Shangrila, Conrad and Marriott.

Direction: MTR Admiralty station

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping Malls

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Times Square

Times Square
Among Hong Kong shopping malls, this one is extremely well-planned. If you have a particular product in mind, this could be an ideal place to buy.

At the heart of Causeway Bay shopping area, Times Square has a different theme on each floor, such as children’s goods, audio-visual and telecom products, sports goods, fashion and accessories. The goods here are far more economic than those of IFC, Landmark and Pacific Place. It is my favourite shopping mall.

Inside the mall, there are four levels designated to restaurants. You can spend a day here without getting hungry, nor getting wet on a rainy day.

The boutique hotel Holiday Inn Express is just across the street.

Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping Malls

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wanchai Computer Centre – Computer Shopping Mall

Wanchai Computer Centre

There are several computer shopping malls in Hong Kong. One of the malls with the most convenient location and wide range of products is the one at Wanchai.

This is one of my favourite Hong Kong shopping malls. Its computer product range is very comprehensive and pricing is very competitive. This computer mall is always full of people as it is conveniently located next to Wanchai MTR station. To avoid the crowd, you might want go early or late. Shops opening hours varies, but most of them open in mid morning around 10am through 10pm.

Direction: MTR Wanchai station, exit A4, turn left

Shopping Tips: Though my experience shopping at this computer centre is good, and the shops here are generally reliable, but to secure that you are buying original products, please check the originality of the goods and make sure you won't buy any pirate goods.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Computer Shopping Mall

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard

Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard
Location: 111-181 Nathan Road, Kowloon

Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard is located on Nathan Road and beside Kowloon Park. It is about 300 metres long of two-storey buildings which gives a sense of strolling along the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris. At the end of the Avenue is the Kowloon Park where you can find the largest mosque in Hong Kong which is a place worth visiting.

The Park Lane Shopper’s Boulevard consists of a wide range of retail outlets covering fashion, shoes, leather ware, sportswear, cameras, mobile phones…and almost anything you want.

Getting There: Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station exit A
Opening Hours: through 10pm daily

Nearby Shopping Areas

Ashley Road, Hankow Road, Lock Road, Haiphong Road.
These roads are between Nathan Road and Canton Road, and both of them have many restaurants. Ashley Road has western restaurants and pubs; Hankow Road and Lock Road have Hong Kong and Chinese restaurants; Haiphong Road has local Hong Kong food hawkers.

Granville Road is famous for the outlet and cosmetics shops, ladies cannot miss it.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping Malls

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Harbour City

Harbour City
Other than Hong Kong shopping malls, let’s cover Kowloon shopping malls as well. Harbour City does deserve the name. There are many blocks of commercial buildings and hotels lining up along Canton Road in Tsimshatsui all the way towards Jordan.

Connected to Ocean Centre and Ocean Terminal, the shopping mall at Harbour City consists of hundreds of shops and restaurants. You can buy almost anything at reasonable prices. Comparatively, this mall is not as superior as Landmark and IFC, though it is huge in size.

The Royal Pacific Hotel and Marco Polo Hotel are right here.

Here is also the transportation hub for ferries going to China and Macau.

Direction: MTR Tsimshatsui station; from Star Ferry, Canton Road is just next to Star House.

The four buildings to the left shrouded in amber-colored glass comprise China Hong Kong City. The Royal Pacific Hotel is here. The two dark buildings to the right of this are the diamond-shaped Gateway Towers. Harbour City extends to your right along the water. At the waterfront is the ferry terminal for boats up the Pearl River delta into China. Finally, the pier with the white building on it in the right-center of the photo is The Pacific Club. Star Ferry is at the right hand side, just beyond the photo.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping Malls

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong – By District

Central district has everything. It has the most luxurious shopping malls, department stores and sparkling jewellery shops. However shopping in this area is expensive.

Contrast to luxury shopping, Central district also has the Lee Yuen Streets offering bargaining shopping. You can always get good deals here depending on your bargaining skills. Buy all kinds of Chinese stuffs here.

Central district also has Soho, Hollywood Street and Cat Street offering antique shopping and wonderful cafes and restaurants for a cup of high tea after your shopping tour.

Direction: MTR Central station, walk along Des Voeux Road Central or Queen’s Road Central for jewellery shops, Soho and Lee Yuen Street. Follow instructions to The Landmark and IFC II.

Opening hours: Shops in Central district close around 7pm as it is a commercial area.

Admiralty is just adjacent to Central. Here you’ll find Pacific Place and Admiralty Centre. You can buy electronic products, sports wear and fashion. Pacific Place is of higher class however Admiralty Centre is more economic.

Direction: MTR Admiralty station.
Opening hours: Shops close around 10pm.

Causeway Bay is the number one destination for shopping in Hong Kong, tourists and locals alike. This area is crowded with shopping malls and department stores. Causeway Bay is where you can buy all kinds of everything at unbeatable prices. Make sure your credit card has sufficient limit.

If you enjoy shopping, you might want to book a nearby hotel. At the heart of Causeway Bay shopping area, there are several hotels of various grading, namely Park Lane, Holiday Inn Express, Excelsior and the Regal Hong Kong Hotel.

Direction: MTR Causeway Bay station.
Opening hours: Shops close around 10pm or even later. Street side sellers start to work after shops closed. Good for late night shopping.

Stanley Market at the southern part of Hong Kong Island is also loved by visitors. Actually foreigners like shopping here more than locals. There are hundreds of shops selling Chinese clothing, handcrafts and souvenirs at very attractive prices.

At the other side of the market is ideal for alfresco seaside dining. There are numerous restaurants and pubs offering Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Indian and French food. Local westerners enjoy sitting at the open area with their puppies. Other than shopping, Stanley is also a place for sight seeing and has plenty of tourist facilities.

Stanley is also a very prestigious residential area. You’ll see beautiful houses and apartments on your way there. You’ll also pass by Hong Kong famous beach Repulse Bay.

Direction: Take bus number 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 at Exchange Square bus terminus in Central. From Causeway Bay, take green minibus number 40 from Tang Lung Street. MTR Causeway Bay station, exit B, cross Hennessy Road and turn right.

Opening hours: Shops close by 6pm. Restaurants open through late evening.
See my Stanley photos

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping by District

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - By District

Kowloon Peninsula

Tsimshatsui - the golden mile of Nathan Road is full of shops selling everything. Things here are mid to high class. You have to take extra care while shopping in this area. High percentage of complaints received by The Hong Kong Consumer Counsel is associated with shops in Tsimshatsui. Beware of bait-and-switch tactics. Try to ignore the south Asians approaching you for copy watches.

Carnarvon Road and Mody Road in Tsimshatsui is line up with numerous export retailers. This is an ideal place to shop for low cost clothing and cosmetics. But be prepared to compromise on quality.

Direction: MTR Tsimshatsui station.

Open hours: You can shop in Tsimshatsui almost round the clock. Some restaurants and convenient shops open 24 hours.

Mongkok - Nathan Road in Mongkok area is fully of eye-catching sparkling gold jewellery shops. These shops outperformed any other retail business even during Asian Monetary Crisis. Gold shopping in Hong Kong is world-famous as purity is guaranteed. Gold also has resell value. These shops are usually packed with customers.

If you enjoy bargaining, Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok is where you should go. Locals call this ‘Women Street’ selling economic fashion and accessories. In this area you can experience how cheap things can be. While branded T-shirts in Central costs around HK$2,000, T-shirts here is just HK$20 or even cheaper.

Direction: MTR Mongkok station.
Opening hours: Shops open through late night.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Cosmetics

Ladies must enjoy cosmetics shopping in Hong Kong. Your favourite brand must be available here.

Wonderful selections of colour cosmetics and skin care products are available at department stores namely Lane Crawford, Sogo and Seibu.

Chain stores such as Sasa, Bonjour and Angel offer paralegal products of prestigious brands at very competitive prices. Causeway Bay, Central and Tsimshatsui are major shopping areas for cosmetics.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is something you can’t resist while shopping in Hong Kong. From vanilla to 3G, you name it, Hong Kong has it.

Along Percival Street in Causeway Bay, nearby Times Square, there are numerous mobile phone shops which are packed with customers day and night. Actually large and beautiful branded phone shops are everywhere in Central, Wanchai and Tsimshatsui.

Digital Cameras, Computers and Electronics
These are on many tourists’ shopping list. Shopping in Hong Kong is just like swimming among floods of product choices. Do a bit of research in advance, write your shopping list and come do your shopping in Hong Kong. I am sure you would be surprised by the wide range of models and their unbeatable prices. I must tell you all the shops selling these items are always full of people.

Fortress and Broadway are well established shops with long term reputation. You can easily find them in Times Square.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Chinese Clothing

Chinese Handicrafts
Chinese handicrafts are h
ot items for shopping in Hong Kong. If you would like to take home some Chinese clothing and handicrafts, you must visit one of the Chinese Arts and Crafts shops. They sell super high class embroidered products, silk fabric, traditional Chinese fashion and handicrafts.

They have four shops located at China Resources Building and Pacific Place on Hong Kong side; Star House at Star Ferry and Nathan Hotel on Kowloon side.
Shanghai Tang is another luxurious Chinese style fashion house. Everything here has a concept of Chinese culture. Local westerners love this brand name very much. Their shop is situated on Pedder Street in Central, right opposite to The Landmark. They have a branch at One Pacific Place as well.

If you want to go economy, you might want to dive into Lee Yuen Street East or West in Central. These two little streets lie between Des Voeux Road Central and Queen’s Road Central, not far away from Central MTR station. There are mini stalls lining up on these two streets selling Chinese stuff. While shopping in Hong Kong, this is one of the places you can demonstrate your bargaining skills.

Oriental Home & Decor from

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Antiques

If you love Chinese antiques or artifacts, Hollywood Road is the number one destination for your shopping in Hong Kong.

Wide collections of Chinese antiques are sold at a fraction of auction house prices. Some of the shops provide certificates for authenticity. These antique shops and stalls line up on Hollywood Road all the way towards Cat Street. While the cost of antiques is difficult to determine, please feel free to bargain.

Soho is an adjacent area comprises of Staunton Street, Elgin Street and Shelley Street. This area is highly cosmopolitan with many different themed restaurants and bars. After your antique shopping, don’t forget to come here to have a relaxed afternoon tea.

Direction: MTR Central station, exit D1. Walk along Queen’s Road Central towards The Center. Then take the covered escalator to mid-levels. This escalator is the longest in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

Oriental Home & Decor from

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Diamond Jewellery

Diamond is another sought-after item of shopping in Hong Kong.

We import the best and highest quality diamonds. Hong Kong also has first class designers and finest workmanship. In fact, Hong Kong is one of the world’s four largest diamond trading centres.

Diamonds in Hong Kong are sold at unbeatable duty-free prices. Depends on the size of the diamond, a pair of ear rings might start from HK$1,800 (US$230) up. Don’t forget to ask for certificates if you are buying one carat or more.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong - Gold Jewellery

In Chinese culture, gold is forever. Therefore my prime suggestion for shopping in Hong Kong is gold jewellery.

This is the best souvenir for your Hong Kong travel. You must be convinced by their modern or traditional designs as well as first class craftsmanship.

Hong Kong gold business guarantees the purity of gold, therefore you don’t have to worry about quality.

Gold is sold according to its purity and weight, plus labour cost. Therefore a price tag usually shows the weight and purity indication of 999 or 999.9. However some might show the final selling price.

Fashionable gold rings, bracelets or mini horoscope animals might start from HK$700 (US$90) up.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shopping in Hong Kong

Is shopping on your agenda while visiting Hong Kong? If so, please subscribe my blog and I am going to walk you through the best items to buy here.

Shopping in Hong Kong is going to be lots of fun. Hong Kong shopping is famous for its competitive prices and enormous product
varieties. You’ll be surprised by the latest and hottest items available. The Nokia phones here could be even trendier than those of Helsinki’s. Statistics shows 56% of total Hong Kong visitor spending goes on shopping.

Come experience it, you just can’t resist it. If possible, please set Hong Kong as your final stop for your Asia travel, just to avoid carrying your big lots of goodies around.

In my coming posts, I am going to talk about the best things to shop in Hong Kong and where to buy them.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Shopping

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline - IFC II

International Finance Centre II (IFC II) – The Tallest in Hong Kong
415 meters / 88 storeys / completed in 2003 / designer: Cesar Pelli
Address: 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong
Direction: MTR Central station, Airport Express Hong Kong station

This is the most prominent building along the Hong Kong skyline. It stands out among the other skyscrapers and you are able to see this shining crystal from apart. Look at the header of my blog, I am sure you can spot it right a way.

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority’s (HKMA) offices are situated at the top floors. However you have no chance to visit these sky offices.

Fortunately, HKMA has an Information Centre on the 55/F which is open to public on weekdays from 10am to 6pm, and on Saturday from 10am to 1pm.
The Exhibition Area has a currency section which traces the development of money and banking in Hong Kong and shows examples of coins and notes used over the years in and around Hong Kong.

Guided tours are held on weekdays at 10.30am and 2.30pm, and on Saturday on 10.30am. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit the tallest building on the Hong Kong skyline.

IFC II has a first class shopping mall. You’ll find it competitive to any other largest shopping malls in New York, London or Paris. Here, you can find the world’s finest anything, though expensive.

IFC I, the smaller version of the same building and the Four Seasons Hotel are connected to the shopping mall by footbridge.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - IFC II

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Center – the Fourth Tallest Building in Hong Kong

346 meters / 73 storeys / completed in 1998

Address: 99 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Direction: MTR Central station, walk along Queen’s Road Central

The Center is gorgeous, day and night. Actually, you don’t have to visit this building as you only have to admire it from distance. It is one of the most remarkable skyscrapers on the Hong Kong skyline.
The building is lit up by colored neon lighting arrangements at night. It is the pioneer in doing so.

There are several other buildings copying the idea and competing on eye-catching lighting schemes.

This is the most beautiful building that changes colour continuously between 8pm and 11pm daily.

Nearby Hotel:
Four Seasons

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline - Cheung Kong Center

Cheung Kong Center – the Sixth Tallest in Hong Kong

283 meters / 62 storeys / completed in 1999

Address: 2 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Direction: MTR Central station, opposite to the Bank of China Tower and HSBC

Cheung Kong Center is extremely innovative. Its appearance is as normal as any other commercial buildings. However after dark, it is just like a huge crystal shining on the Hong Kong skyline.

There aren't that many buildings in the world with the whole structure lit up like that. It has a similar lighting idea like The Center. However Cheung Kong Center has added elements like displaying patterns and letterings. For example, on New Year eve, it displays ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘2009’ alternatively and even with sparkling effects.

This building is very stunning especially at night. It is one of the most attractive skyscrapers on the Hong Kong skyline.

Nearby Hotel: Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Skyline

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline - Bank of China

Bank of China Tower – the Third Tallest Building in Hong Kong
367 meters / 70 storeys / completed in 1992 / Designer: I. M. Pei

Address: 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong

Direction: MTR Central station

One of the most outstanding skyscrapers along the Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong.

There is an observation deck on the 43/F, though not 360-degree and is not as 5-star as Central Plaza. However there is a model of the neighbourhood landscape including the Victoria Harbour. It is fun to check the model and spot the actual buildings.

The observation deck is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm and on Saturday from 9am to 1pm.

It is an excellent place to take a photo with the IFC II as the backdrop.

The Island Shangrila, Conrad, Marriott, the Hong Kong Park and the Peak Tram station are just nearby.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Skyline

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline - HSBC Headquarters

HSBC Headquarters – No Ranking
179 meters / 47 storeys / completed in 1985 / designer: Norman Foster
Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Direction: MTR Central station

Other than a landmark on the Hong Kong skyline, the HSBC headquarters is also a landmark of Hong Kong.

This solar-lit building is the fourth HSBC building being built on this same site. About 150 years ago, the former Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation built its first headquarters here.

On Sunday, the ground floor lobby is a major meeting point of overseas maids, and is extremely crowded.

Nearby Hotel
Mandarin Oriental

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Skyline

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline - Central Plaza

Central Plaza – the second tallest building in Hong Kong
374 meters / 78 storeys / completed in 1992
Address: 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Direction: MTR Wanchai station

There is a sky lobby on the 46/F which is open to public on weekdays from 8am to 8pm and on Saturday from 8am to 2pm.

This is the quickest and easiest way to have a 360-degree view of Hong Kong, through the curtain walls.

Sky lobby is where people change left to upper floors. I used to work in Central Plaza and it was my daily life to use this 5-star lobby. Even so, I found this 360-degree tour of Hong Kong extremely impressive.
There is a Pacific Coffee at the main lift lobby where you can take a break while enjoying harbour view.

The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Grand Hyatt and Renaissance Harbour View are linked to Central Plaza by covered foot bridge.

Nearby Hotels
Fleming Hotel (Boutique)
Luk Kwok Hotel (3-star)
Renaissance Harbour View (4-star)
Grand Hyatt (5-star)

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Skyline

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong skyline is the most beautiful in the world. Any visitor who has been here would agree.

In Hong Kong, you’ll see the most beautifully designed skyscrapers by world-famous architects. These state-of-the-art buildings do worth a visit.
There is a lazar show called A Symphony of Lights held at 8pm daily with 33 buildings participating. Make sure you won’t miss it.

If there is a competition for the most number of ‘best lit skyscapers’, Hong Kong must fetch the crown. The names of IFC II, Central Plaza, The Center, Cheung Kong Center, HSBC and so on, keep appearing on people’s favourite list in many online forums. All these fantastic buildings contribute to the beauty of the Hong Kong skyline.

Before we get to know each of these beautiful buildings in detail, let’s have a quick preview of them. See photo below:

1. The Bank of China
2. Cheung Kong Centre
5. The Center
6. Central Plaza
7. The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Ideal Place to Admire the Hong Kong Skyline
First, go to Star Ferry on Kowloon side. Turn left while facing the harbour. Take a one-minute walk towards the harbour front. You’ll see the Hong Kong skyline as shown above.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Hong Kong Skyline

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Victoria Peak of Hong Kong

Victoria Peak is certainly the number one tourist destination here. The Victoria Peak provides a stunning bird’s-eye view of the world-famous Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong skyline as well as Kowloon. It is a great place for wandering around day and night, for visitors and locals alike.

Getting There
Peak Tram - town station at Garden Road in Central, few blocks behind the Bank of China Tower.
• Open-Top Bus No. 15C from Central Pier 7 (next to Star Ferry) to Garden Road peak tram station.
• Bus No. 15 at Exchange Square bus terminus in Central.
• Green minibus No. 1 at Central (Hong Kong Station Public Transport Interchange).
• Taxi from Central would cost around HK$100.

Open-Top Bus - Peak Tram station
Peak Tram station is connected to Pier 7 in Central by open-top bus number 15C. If you want to go to the Victoria Peak, this is a great way to experience Hong Kong.

Once you get off the Star Ferry, turn right to Pier 7 and the 15C bus terminus is there.

You might start your tour to the Victoria Peak by open-top bus, follow by peak tram. You can take a bus ride to return to Central. This is the most interesting route to explore the Peak of Hong Kong.

Daily: 10:15 to 23:55 (from Garden Road Tram Terminus)
Daily: 10:00 to 23:40 (from Central Pier 7)
Every 10-20 minutes

HK$4.20 (Air-Conditioned or Open Top)

Walking Tour – the Peak Trail

Along Lugard Road at the Peak of Hong Kong, there is an extremely easy-to-walk scenic trail. This circular path offers an easy stroll with incredible views. On Sunday, even locals walk with their puppies. This is definitely a walk that should not be missed. It is sure to heighten your experience at the Peak of Hong Kong.

This extremely easy and pleasant walk at the Peak of Hong Kong is about an hour. It might take a little longer if you want to spend more time on the stunning views.

Lion Pavilion – multi-level observation deck
Lion Pavilion is a vantage point where you can overlook the beautiful city of Hong Kong across the Victoria Harbour to Kowloon Peninsula. Just next to the Peak Tram station, the Lion Pavilion at the Peak of Hong Kong is full of tourists day and night. I am sure your experience here is going to be unforgettable.

Taking photos here might need a bit of patience. But you can buy service from street photographers who occupy the best photogenic spots for you. An 8R instant print would cost around HK$100.

Peak Tower
For ages, Peak Tower (Locals call it “Fools Pavilion”) has been a landmark of Hong Kong. This current Peak Tower is an award winning design. The building is highly visible even from sea level and is intended to symbolise Hong Kong. It offers one of the best views in the world and creates a backdrop to the spectacular cityscape of Hong Kong's Central district.

The Peak Tower incorporates the Peak tram station, with viewing platforms, restaurants and retail outlets. Madame Tussauds features more than 100 wax works covering three floors and five themed areas. This is an interactive and absorbing entertainment experience at the Peak of Hong Kong!

Peak Galleria and Other Goodies

Above the bus terminal, the Peak Galleria is another assortment of shops and restaurants, including Café Deco, The Hard Rock Café and MacDonald’s. There is also an excellent collection of souvenirs and handicrafts at reasonable prices. Of course there are observation decks where you can admire Hong Kong at various angles.

Right opposite to the Peak Galleria is the Peak Café. This historical restaurant is another hallmark of the Peak of Hong Kong. Its outdoor terrace offers incredible views of the city.

The Peak of Hong Kong is a very prestigious area where the richest people live. You might want to spend some time take a look at the beautiful houses around. The quarter of the Chief Secretary of HKSAR is located on 15 Barker Road. You’ll see it when you ascend or descend the Peak on a bus ride.

Travel Tips: the Peak of Hong Kong
Open-Top bus plus Peak Tram is certainly the best transportation to visit the Peak of Hong Kong. Peak Tram station at both Garden Road and the Peak has long queue on Sunday and holidays. Make sure to go early and avoid the crowd.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disneyland Hong Kong

Location: Lantau Island

Disneyland Hong Kong was opened in 2005, the newest among all Disney theme parks in the world. An adult ticket costs HK$350 and varies on special days. It is a highly targeted destination for visitors from mainland China.

Disney Journey Starts with MTR

It takes around 45 minutes from Central to the Disneyland Hong Kong by MTR. There are two resort hotels and shuttle buses run on a circular route connecting the two hotels with the Park and the MTR station.

Resort Hotels
Resort hotels are rare in Hong Kong. The Disney's Hollywood Hotel and the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel are 5-star resorts, with excellent facilities. If you want to stay here, be prepared to put up with the noise as there are many kids running around you, mostly from mainland China.

The Disneyland Hong Kong opens daily 10.30am to 8pm. It is a good strategy to go early and play as many games as possible. Make sure to pick up maps and guides at the entrance.

Within The Disneyland
One of the cultures of Disneyland is queuing. Disneyland Hong Kong can’t be an exception. Fortunately the lines won’t be terribly long except on holidays. On regular days, 10 minutes is quite an average.

My Favourite Points of Interest
- The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

- Mickey’s PhilharMagic – A terrific 3-D Show
- Jungle River Cruise - There are four lines depending on the guide’s language
- Tarzan’s Treehouse – Rafting and rope climbing
- Festival of the Lion King - A 30-minute musical on the story of Simba
- Autopia – cart driving, good for those who look for a safe game. More exciting games at Tomorrowland

Re-Entry Policy
You must be familiar with this if you’ve been to other Disneyland in the world. Stamped your hands and you can return to the Park whenever you want within the same day. So you might want to take a break and had dinner at the hotel and come back watching the daily firework at 8pm.

Anna’s Notes:
Disneyland Hong Kong features many other famous Disney games such as Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters and a daily parade. There are plenty of gift shops and restaurants. Unfortunately our hand stamps only allow us to return to the Park on the same day. My recommendation is go early in the morning. Unless you really want to try out the resort hotels here, you don’t really need to stay overnight at the Park.

Travel Information
Disneyland Hong Kong Tickets are available at the Park’s main entrance, online and some dedicated points in town.
Admission: HK$350/Adult on regular days, variable on special days
Opening Hours: 10:30 – 20:00 on regular days, variable on special days
Transportation: MTR Tung Chung Line, change at Sunny Bay to Disneyland

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ocean Park - Hong Kong

Location: Wong Chuk Hang, southern part of Hong Kong Island

Ocean Park is ranked 7th among the top ten most popular amusement parks in the world, according to’s announcement on June 1, 2006. Figures indicate that it outperforms the newer theme park Disneyland.

The Park recorded just over four millions of visitors in 2005. It is one of the world’s biggest marine and educational themed parks.

It is an ideal place for you take your kids for a day of outing. Children can make fun in Hong Kong while learning at the Park.

Best-of-the-Best of the Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Please make sure you don’t miss any of the following:
· Cable Car – be patient, there might be long lines on Sunday and holidays
· Ocean Theatre – it’s always full, go early and look for your favourite seat
· Sea Jelly Spectacular – latest state-of-the-art attraction of the Ocean Park · Giant Panda – no need to go to Sichuan, kids would love to see them
· Red Panda – the newest member of Ocean Park
· Atoll Reef – biggest aquarium in Asia with rare breeds, huge and beautiful fishes
· Shark Aquarium – Asia’s first underwater tunnel gives you an undersea feeling

Travel Information
Transportation: Admiralty MTR Exit B2, change to Citybus 629.

Adult: HK$10.6, Children: HK$5.3

Adult: HK$208, Children (3-11): HK$103, Under 3: Free

Some travel agents might be able to get you better rates.

Opening Hours
Daily 10:00 – 18:00 Sunday & public holiday 09:30 - 19:00

Tickets are available at:• Ocean Park main entrance and Tai Shui Wan entrance• MTR Admiralty Exit B nearby Citybus route 629 terminal• MTR Customer Services Centre at Admiralty station

Travel Tips: Ocean Park, Hong Kong
The 629 double-decker bus ride is a fun experience. Take your children to the front of the upper deck to catch all the excitement and feel the pulse of the city of Hong Kong.

Bring lots of water. There are lots of food stalls and restaurants inside the Park, though expensive. Please expect to sweat a lot in the summer heat. Hong Kong can go up to 33 degrees Celsius in June, July and August. Bring a small towel, it would work better than a handkerchief. Of course don’t forget your hat, sun glasses and comfortable walking shoes.

Please spend at least one whole day at the Ocean Park. Otherwise you won’t have enough time to visit all the interesting spots.

My Mini Photo Album - Ocean Park

Sea JellySea Jeally
Dolphin Show

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