Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hong Kong Museum Tour 2013 Summer

Hong Kong Museum Tour - August 28, 2013

Today I have a day off.  In fact I pick Wednesday because all Hong Kong museums are free, except special exhibitions.  I walk through three museums in Tsimshatsui.  Here's a summary of my tours.

Hong Kong Science Museum
There are big crowds of people, as students are still on summer holiday.  And we are like-minded people - go to musuems on Wednesday for free.  In fact at this museum, I walk through one show only and it really make my day.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this exhibition - WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR.  It is a special exhibition, but I don't know why they let me in FOC.  It is rare chance that we can see so many valuable and beautiful wildlife photos.  It really worth your time.

In fact I also watched a movie about cutlefishes, as I arrive just at the right time.  It's free but it's really valuable.  You'll appreciate the wonderful content and the underwater filming.  How they film the cutlefishes hunting, mating and their life span.  Howevere watching movies (free or not free) in Hong Kong, you would have to put up with a few things:  crying and talking kids, people talking on mobile phone, people turning on their ipad and other lightening devices, eating and drinking.  Athough all these were said to be forbidden, well, it's Hong Kong! 
Hong Kong Museum of History
Just opposite to the Science Museum.  There is another special exhibition which is FOC - The Hong Kong Observatory.  I arrived at a good time, no queueing, so I had a chance to take this scientific photo with Typhoon Vicente which visited us in July 2012.

As a Hong Konger, this show recap a lot of the miserable memories about the natural disasters. 
The three most distructive typhoons after war:  Wanda (1962), Rose (1971) and Ellen (1983).  Although I was very young in the 60s and 70s, Ellen hit me with unforgettable memories.  I was stucked in Macau, away from home and had to struggle with typhoon alone.  Drought in 1963, although I was a little girl, I still had clear memory how we survive through 4 hours of water supply every four days. Heavy rain in 1966 and 1972, costing enormous human life and disasters...
The regular show Hong Kong Story is always free.  Very resourceful, telling the history of Hong Kong from prehistoric to 1997 when China regain the power in Hong Kong.  Short movies are available.  At the old Hong Kong street, I took a few photos.
Gen Y may not have a chance to see how a typewritter look like. 
There are several of them, but these two looks good.  I seem to have seen them when I was a little girl.
A typical air conditioning equipment for the general public in the 60s.
Yes, it's a radio, though at the size of a microwave.  During the 60s it was quite a luxury at home.  So people usually decorate/protect it with kind of beautiful curtain.
The Art Museum
After the two museums, I took bus to the nearby Art Museum.  But I shouldn't come, because I forgot I came here two months ago.  Didn't find anything new, just walked briefly through some of the galleries.
Breakfast At Island Shangri-La
Before my museum tour, I started my day with a 5-star breakfast.  Unfortunately it's 5-star in terms of money, 2-star in terms of food.  I couldn't even find someone to fry eggs.  Fortunately after a thorough search, I found someone who can cook an omelette for me.  There were very little food choices along with many empty trays.
There were actually nothing worth taking a photo.  However these two were ok.  As they were cooked to order, they were very hot.  But look, at the congee counter, I couldn't even find green onions.  Everyone in Hong Kong eat congee with green onion, I'm not sure whether it was used up without refill or there were actually none.  I ended up add some dry garlic which is never a congee mate.
The bill is really big - HK$308+10% service fee, total HK$338.8
I must say if it is part of your room package, go for it.  If you need to pay HK$338.8 for such a below par buffet, forget it.  With such money, you can eat a high quality fresh seafood dinner in Hong Kong.