Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kayaking in Hong Kong

Kayaking in Hong Kong? Right. Kayaking here in Hong Kong. You might have planned to come to Hong Kong to do shopping, sightseeing or even a day trip to Macau and win (or lost) some money at the casinos. In terms of water sports, you may think of swimming at the pool of your 5-star hotel. What above kayaking or snorkelling? Perhaps you never consider Hong Kong as a place for this kind of outdoor activities. Fact is, you are wrong.

In Hong Kong, cruising is very popular, but never kayaking. As a local Hong Konger, I had never dreamt of kayaking here. Not until a colleague of mine told me. This colleague came from Australia, no wonder she loves water sports. She had to spend a month or so in Hong Kong for a special project and so she had to look for activities to spend her weekends.

When she told me that she went on a kayaking tour in Sai Kung, I was a bit surprised and started to check out the details with her.

It was a mini tour of less than 10 pax from 9am to 4pm. What was included in the fee was power boat transfer to the kayak base, kayaking, short hike and snorkelling. I forgot to check the price. So you’ll have to make an enquiry from this website:

Here are some highlights of the tour:
You don’t need kayaking experience, but have to be able to swim.

· View the unique and stunning volcanic coastline, sea caves and arches and many other geological wonders at Sai Kung.

· Look out for HK’s rare White Bellied Sea Eagle.

· Safety equipment and double kayaks provided, tuition given before the trip.

· Snorkel and short walk to the ridge of Bluff Island to get an arial view.

· Get a real feel of ocean kayaking, if conditions are favourable, paddle into caves and sea arches.

· NO LUNCH or F&B will be provided. But you can have seafood lunch at the nearby fishing village which is quite an experience in Hong Kong; or bring your own packed lunch.

Last but not the least, you only need to find your way to Sai Kung. The easiest is to take MTR to Diamond Hill Station, change to bus 96 or taxi. If you don’t mind spending a little more, simply take a taxi from wherever you are, but the money will depend on the distance and is likely to be over HK$100.

So, next time when you are in Hong Kong, consider an eco tour to Sai Kung.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Horse Racing In Hong Kong

If you visit Hong Kong between September and June, please make horse racing a must-go on your agenda. Racing course is the only place where you are licensed to yell as loud as you can without receiving any complaints. Enjoy the fun and excitement here.

Races are usually held on Wednesday nights, Saturday or Sunday afternoon, in either Shatin or Happy Valley racecourse. Visitors with valid passport can enter the Members Stand at a fee of HK$100. You need to be at least 18 years old. Minimum bet is only HK$10. Beginner’s guides are available at the entrance. Test your luck.

Sa Sa Ladies’ Purse Day - charm comes alive at Sha Tin this Sunday(17/10)
There are special racing days throughout the year. Tomorrow (October 17) is the annual Ladies Purse Day. Sa Sa Cosmetics has been sponsoring this for the 6th year.

Racegoers will receive an exquisite brooch as a free door gift upon admission (see photo at bottom). Befitting the tradition of this highly popular raceday, fans may enjoy an array of oncourse attractions in this year’s theme of “Charm Comes Alive”.

NOTE: PLEASE DRESS UP FOR THIS EVENT. It’s a great time to show off your taste and style.

Other Highlights Of The Day Will Include
· Guess the winning horse to win fabulous prizes
· Equestrian medallist Jasmine Lai to present The Ladies’ Purse
· Best Hat Award winners take home Sa Sa Gift Coupons
· Fashion show features dazzling beauty
· Join Sa Sa Make-up Workshop for a look to impress
· Star-gazing and make-up demonstrations at Café Corner
· Shetland ponies photo opportunities
· Limited editions themed merchandise on sale
· Hat boutique at Members Stand

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Roger Federer in Hong Kong

Roger Federer ready to "beat the best"

Celebrities travelling to Hong Kong usually attract lots of attention. Today is Roger Nederer's turn.

Before heading to Shanghai for his upcoming matches at the ATP Masters tournament, Roger Federer stopped by Hong Kong to meet the press.

When talking about his rivalry with Rafael Nadal and the world's No. 1 spot, the Swiss star showed great confidence despite slipping to No.3 in the world rankings for the first time in nearly seven years.

"Obviously he (Nadal) is a stronger player today than a few years ago but the same counts for me even though the ranking has slipped maybe a little bit.

"With a few minor adjustments I think I can really beat the best without a problem. Without being arrogant but I know I have the game and I'm playing really well right now," he said.

.....The tennis star also opened up to the media about how well he's adapting to family life, looking after his 15-month old twin daughters.

"The role as a father is a very important one too, not as important as the mum in the beginning but nevertheless I'm the guy that's catching my daughters from doing naughty things or hurting themselves, so it's very interesting. It's a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot everyday." He said.

The tennis star also opened up to the media about how well he's adapting to family life, looking after his 15-month old twin daughters.

"The role as a father is a very important one too, not as important as the mum in the beginning but nevertheless I'm the guy that's catching my daughters from doing naughty things or hurting themselves, so it's very interesting. It's a lot of fun. I'm learning a lot everyday." He said.

Full story @xinhuanet

Photo source:

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Cultural Contrast at Sai Kung

If you want to have a day’s outing in Hong Kong, Sai Kung is quite a good destination.

Apart from the National Geo Park which I recommended previously, there is couple of other locations of interests. The ancient culture Tin Hau Temple and the contemporary culture Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

The HKUST is one of the most expensive architecture among universities in Hong Kong and it is having quite a high ranking internationally. Go to Diamond Hill MTR Station, you can take bus to Sai Kung Pier. Enjoy a typical Hong Kong style seafood lunch and then continue your journey to the HKUST and the Tin Hau Temple.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

An ancient clock at the campus

Taking a taxi from Sai Kung Pier to HKUST and Tin Hau Temple is not expensive at all.

View detailed transportation guide and map of the HKUST

The Tin Hau Temple at Sai Kung is the largest among all Tin Hau Temples in Hong Kong and has the longest history. Locals call it 'The Grand Temple 大廟'. All Tin Hau Temples are facing the sea as Tin Hau is the God of Sea, safe guarding the fishermen’s life in ancient times. Here you’ll witness how wonderful the location of the Temple is. Apart from superb seaview, you can sense tranquility and peacefulness here.

Tin Hau Temple at Sai Kung

A very classic Chinese architecture

Excellent Seaview
A superb choice of site for Tin Hau Temple

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Classic Hong Kong Mahjong Game

Playing Mahjong is a classic leisure game for Cantonese in Hong Kong. Nowadays, even people from the western culture love this game. On any weekend, get together four playmates, and you can start playing the game.

The games are winned at different levels, generally ranging from basic to Level 4. However players have to agree the rules of the game before starting.

Winning rules: Last weekend, we had a beginner in our group, so we allowed Basic. For experienced players, some start at Level 1 or even Level 3. You would need to set the ceiling for some special winnings.

Money rules: You would also need to agree on how much you are going to bet, such as $0.1, $0.5 or $1 per point.

Notes: If you allow Basic and less than $1 per point, that is really for fun. However if you set a minimum of Level 3 and $1 per point, that's marginally gambling. Beyond that is really gambling - I don't recommend that.

Last Sunday, I had a classic Level 8 win which I won 128 points. We played for HK$0.1 per point, so my total win was HK$12.8. However if we played for $1 per point, I would have won HK$128 in that single game.

清一色對對糊, 八番雙辣, 清一色最高典範
8 Fān - Highest Merit! Win-Win
I have worked out an illustrative table to demonstrate the winning amounts according to different levels of winning. The numbers grow in geometric series, so the amount involve will be tremendously huge if we don't set a ceiling. We had a ceiling of Level 8 and also decided to skip Level 6 and 7 (paid at Level 5 only).

It may sound complicate if you are new to the game. Once you get to know the it, you'll fall in love with it.

WARNING: Don't get addicted to it.

Hong Kong Mahjong Winning Table

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Macau Day Trip

Macau is just an hour jetfoil from Hong Kong. There are lots of fun whether you go on a day trip or overnight. I have a recent overnight trip to Macau. Here is a summary.

Go to casinos in Macau is a MUST. We went to the Sands where there were huge and beautiful casinos. We loved only the slot machines. After that, leaving at the coach station exit, we took a 5-minute walk to the Macau Cultural Centre.

There were paid and free shows. Anyway the entrance fee was only MOP5 and we went through all the shows.

Pottery Show at the Macau Cultural Centre

Paintings as well
Enjoy some Portuguese food is also a MUST. There are lots of shops and Portuguese restaurants at the downtown of Taipa Island.

Portuguese Green Vegetable Soup

Baked Mussels

Fried Rice with Portuguese Bacalhau

Take bus No.33 to the downtown of Taipa Island to the Portuguese House Museum. There are announcements and displays on board the bus, so you won't get lost. Very cool and comfortable even on a summer evening. At this little hill, you can also oversee the Macau landmark Venetian at a moderate distance.

Portuguese House Museum

Closed by 5.30pm. We were late, but still managed to take photos outside.

So our Macau trip consisted of casino, Macau food, museums and sightseeing. Why not give it a try? On weekdays, a package inclusive of one night hotel and return jetfoil tickets for two people will be HK$1,100 up. Quite a good deal. You may even win some lucky money at the casinos.

Venetian Macau
View from the Portuguese House Museum
on Taipa Island

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Geo Park, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

You may not aware that Hong Kong has this type of geography - volcanic rocks - hexagonal pillars at Sai Kung, Man Yee Reservior. The journey is a little long to get there, but it is certainly worth it.

Getting There:
From Diamond Hill MTR Station, change to bus 92 (HK$5.8/person) to Sai Kung Pier Terminus. Change to green taxi to go to Man Yee Reservior East Dam. The taxi ride is around HK$100, averaging HK$20/per person if you have 5 in a group. Make sure to ask the taxi driver to wait and take you back, or ask for a paging number to page a taxi to take you back to Sai Kung bus terminus. Otherwise, it is going to be a 3-hour walk. If you are an eco fan, you can try to walk.

Spend about an hour or an hour and a half for a scenic walk. It's going to be a leisure walk, easy to walk even you have kids with you.

The landscape here is pretty impressive!

Sea Caves
Volcanic Hexagonal Pillars!

Try Rock Climbing
Beware of Rocks Rolling Down!

Seafood Lunch After the Geopark Visit
It is highly recommended to have a seafood lunch at the Sai Kung Pier after your geopark visit. There are plenty of seafood restaurants around the bus terminus and you can pick your favourite live seafood - a unique dining experience in Hong Kong.
View photos of my Sai Kung seafood dinner

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Luxury Coffee Shops in Hong Kong

For coffee lovers, you may find Hong Kong a paradise when you want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. If you are fond of Italian coffee, these are the coffee shops you should never miss: Cova, Cafee Vergnano and Cafee Habitu are the luxury coffee shops I like most. Apart from their superb coffee quality, they provide luxury environment and wireless internet services. You would provide your own computer and sit on comfortable sofa or working table to work while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The disadvantage of these luxury coffee shops is that they don’t have many shops around. Click on the links and find a shop close to where you are.

On the contrary, internationally renowned coffee shop Starbucks, have plenty of shops here. Once you land in Hong Kong, you’ll find one when you leave your aircraft. Pacific Coffee, a relatively regional brand also have plenty of shops in town. Most of these luxury coffee shops are equipped with wireless internet services. Though some of the shops provide computer terminals, it is best to bring your own.

Luxury Coffee Shop at Top of Hong Kong
Among the luxury coffee shops here, there is one I like the most: Pacific Coffee at the Peak Tower. Get a corner table at the outdoor section – A perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking view of Hong Kong while discussing some personal or confidential matters, and of course with a cup of lovely coffee in hand.

Pacific Coffee at The Peak Tower
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unique Foot Massage in Hong Kong

For SPA and foot massage lovers, there are couple of unique places you may want to check out.

Chinese Foot Massage & Body Treatments
Want to get a taste of Hong Kong Chinese style of foot massage? Here is the place - Foot Joy Club soaks your feet in hot Chinese herbal water first before a therapist provides foot reflexology and massage. Generally they will treat your shoulders quite a bit. Just sit back, relax, enjoy TV or read a magazine with a cup of drink.

This foot SPA is just next to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wanchai. Hotel guests can enjoy discounts. Even without discount, the prices here are quite reasonable. I really love the environment. I remember that they open round the clock, but it is better to make a booking first.

This place is just opposite to the Happy Valley Racecourse. You might want to give your feet a treat after the excitements at the horse races.

Cosmopolitan Hotel
387-397 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3552 1111

Wonderfish SPA
I just tried it last week – wonderful experience. I was told that this is the only fish SPA in Hong Kong. The little fishes namely Garra Rufa have a unique dietary habit as to gently nibble away the hard and dry skin on your feet whilst they give you a delightful foot massage. The process will also help improve blood circulation.

They have two calming pools containing Garra Rufa fishes. Once you put your feet in, the fishes will start ‘treating’ you. I yelled at first because of the itchy feeling and went on laughing after a few seconds. This same scenario happened to the other guests too. After all, we all left the SPA with a smiling face. HK$180 for 30 minutes.

Wonderfish SPA

Shop 25, Level 2, The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong

Once I put my feet in, the fishes start working.

The fee includes one free drink.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rugby 7 - Hong Kong's Top Event This March

March 26-28, 2010 (Friday to Sunday)
Ticket Info
Internationally, ticket and accommodation packages will be sold through the HKRFU's overseas Official Travel Agents and Cathay Pacific Airways, the tournament's co-title sponsor and official airline.

Venue Info
Hong Kong Stadium

General Facts 2010

Brief History
The world's premier Rugby Sevens Tournament was born over pre-luncheon drinks at the venerable old Hong Kong Club on a misty spring day in 1975.

As the Tournament grew throughout the 70's and 80's in both supporter popularity and the number of participating teams, which had now progressed from club sides to representative teams, the Tournament moved from its original home in the Hong Kong Football Club to the Hong Kong Government Stadium. By the beginning of the 90's, with demand for tickets having outstretched the capacity of the Stadium for over five years, it was time for a larger facility. The Stadium that had been the Tournament's home for 12 years was re-built in 1994 and a 40,000-seat Hong Kong Stadium is now its current venue.

Hong Kong was awarded the prestige of hosting the 2nd Rugby World Cup Sevens in 1997, which was a huge success in a memorable year for Hong Kong as it was handed back to China and became a Special Administrative Region.

During the years after the Rugby World Cup Sevens it was apparent how important the game of Sevens rugby had become in the development of good rugby players. Players such as Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen, George Gregan to name a few first demonstrated their speed and agility in the Hong Kong Sevens. The iRB, recognising the value of the game of Sevens, launched its inaugural World Sevens Series in 2000 - the 25th year of Sevens Rugby in Hong Kong - to enable more players to benefit from Sevens competitions. A core of 10 to 12 of the world's top teams now participate in tournaments in Dubai, South Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

The Hong Kong Sevens Tournament itself has a wonderful history. It is now considered the iRB's "Jewel in the Crown" in the Series and still continues to grow in popularity with players and spectators. Rugby World Cup Sevens 2005 was the second time Hong Kong has hosted RWC Sevens and this year marks 32 years of sevens rugby in Hong Kong - a remarkable achievement.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Rugby 7, 2010

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Open Day – Government House of Hong Kong

The Government House of Hong Kong is usually open to the public twice a year. The first open day this year is held today, Sunday March 7. Main theme of the open day is for visitors to view the blossoming azaleas and other plants in the garden and have sight of places where the Chief Executive holds important official functions and receives dignitaries – dining room, drawing room and the garden.

There are new initiatives for visitors this time. Free guided tour services are provided at fixed positions in Government House to enhance visitors' understanding of the history and architectural features of the distinguished building, as well as the large variety of flowers and plants in the garden. Visitors will also be treated to musical performances of the Hong Kong Police Band, student choirs and ensembles while strolling in the garden.

Government House open day usually attract a large number of visitors and long queue is expected. Visitors must enter the garden through the east gate at Upper Albert Road and leave through the main gate. They should make full use of public transport. Opening hour is generally between 10am and 5pm.

For more information, browse the Government House website.

Government House has a history of more than 150 years and is a declared monument under the Antiquities and Monuments Ordinance.

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Marathon to Celebrate Lantern Festival in Hong Kong 2010

Today is the first full moon in the Year of Tiger. It is said that today’s full moon is the biggest and brightest in 53 years. It is the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival on the 15th of January, and many even refer it to be the Chinese Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day, we have the annual grand sports event Marathon 2010 held here in Hong Kong. Up to 60,000 runners from around the world participated. The first group of runners started as early as 5am. Kenyan runner Cyprian Kiogora Mwobi retains his title, but failed to make a new event record due to the hot and humid weather.

Full Moon in Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Travel Hong Kong on Abnormal Routes
If you are physically fit, participating the Marathon is a good way to have close encounters with Hong Kong on some of the places that you would never have a chance to set your footprints. But mind you, there are 50 runners needed to be sent to the hospital under the hot and humid weather today, which is really rare in February in Hong Kong.

While all competitions finish at the Victoria Park, the three routes allow you to run on some of Hong Kong’s most remarkable landmarks. Below are highlights of the routes.

Tsing Ma Bridge, Hong Kong

Full Marathon – Nathan Road, Tsing Ma Bridge, Cheung Tsing Tunnel, Western Harbour Tunnel
Half Marathon – Eastern Harbour Tunnel
10KM – Island Eastern Corridor

Full Route Map

Hong Kong Marathon 2010 news
Hong Kong Marathon 2010 website

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lai See Giving Tradition in Hong Kong

Chinese New Year holiday in Hong Kong is just over. The general work force went back to work yesterday. The business flow of lai see giving started. It is a Chinese tradition to give lai see (red pockets) during Chinese New Year. We also give gifts to our relatives and friends during the new-year house warmings. Below are the gifts and red pockets that I received this year.

As a Chinese tradition, senior generations give red pockets to younger generations. In the business world, bosses give red pockets to their subordinates; clients give red pockets to service providers such as the doorman at hotels or waiters at restaurants. Money wise, HK$20 is widely acceptable as a standard. However you can give more as you wish. Again, this is a tradition, not a rule or law. It doesn't matter if you don't want to give lai see in the business world, however it is a must among family members.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Lai See Giving in Chinese New Year

Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Hong Kong Chinese New Year

February 14, 2010 - Year of The Tiger


Today is Chinese New Year. I've taken some photos at the flower market at the Victoria Park yesterday. Here's my photo portfolio.

New species at the flower market
Sounds like 'wealth generation' in Cantonese
Begonia - Red
Begonia - Organge
Relatively Traditional Species
Fengshui Bamboo
Fengshui Bamboo
Very Traditional Species
Five Generations

Tao Hua
Hong Kong Travel Blog - Chinese New Year
Victoria Park Flower Market

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lanson Place Hotel Hong Kong

Location: 133 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

MTR station – Causeway Bay (three stops from Central).

This boutique hotel is about 5 to 10 minutes walk from Causeway Bay MTR station.

While adjacent to the Causeway Bay residential area, it is a couple of minutes to walk to the Causeway Bay shopping district.

Hotel Highlights
· A fully equipped gym with an inspiring city view
· Garden courtyard on the ground floor
· Lounge and bar private to guests
· Food delivery service
· Wireless internet within hotel
· 24-hour business centre
· From studio to two-bedroom suites available
· Contemporary design – view photo gallery

Guestrooms Highlights
· Broad band internet access, computer, fax/data line, colour TV, safes and desks
· Refrigerator, kitchenette with microwave and cooking utensils, hair dryers, iron & ironing board

Special Offer
Rooms are quite spacious. Minimum 380 sq. ft. for general and 1500-1900 sq. ft. for suites

Good for business travelers and families who enjoy a calm living environment however with easy access to everywhere. Also ideal for those who enjoy shopping and eating as there are plenty of shops and restaurants around.

My corporate guests love this boutique hotel and usually have their thumbs up after staying.

Lanson Place Hotel Reviews

Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong - Lanson Place

Sunday, January 10, 2010

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View Hong Kong

Location: 18-24 King's Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

MTR station – Tin Hau (four stops from Central). This boutique hotel is nearby the Victoria Park. While adjacent to the Causeway Bay residential area, it is a couple of minutes to walk to the Causeway Bay shopping district.

Hotel Highlights
· Rooftop swimming pool with awesome harbour views (closed in Winter); gym and sauna
· Western, oriental and international cuisines available
· Room service
· Free internet at the lobby, however with only one computer
· Business centre and secretarial services
· Contemporary design – view photo gallery

Guestrooms Highlights
· Broad band internet access, computer, fax/data line, colour TV, safes and desks
· Refrigerator (no minibar), coffee and tea makers, hair dryers

Special Offer
Rooms are quite spacious. 26 sq. m. for general and 52 sq. m. for suites

· Great deal for budget travellers.
· Good for those who enjoy a calm living environment however with easy access to everywhere.

L'hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View Hong Kong Reviews

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

L'Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hotel Jen - Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong

Hotel Jen
Location: 508 Queens Road West, Western District, Hong Kong

This boutique hotel is slightly off the Hong Kong MTR network, however just a short taxi ride from the Sheung Wan MTR station. It overlooks Victoria Harbour and is nearby the Macau Ferry Terminal.

Hotel Highlights
· Rooftop fitness center and seasonal outdoor pool
· Regional and international cuisines available
· 24-hour room service
· Lobby bar, business services and conference rooms
· High-speed wired and wireless internet access available in public areas for a fee (Complimentary in all rooms, except standard rooms)
· Lovely modern interior design – view photo gallery

Guestrooms Highlights
· High-speed wired and wireless internet access, satellite and cable television, LCD TVs, pay movies, safes and desks.
· Minibars, coffee and tea makers, refrigerators, hair dryers, irons and ironing boards.

Special Offer
Monthly package available starting from HK$600 per room per night (Minimum stay of 30 consecutive nights).

Great deal for budget travellers.

Hotel Jen Reviews

Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Hong Kong - Hotel Jen