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Hong Kong Transportation - Tram

Hong Kong tram is one of the most historical local transportation. It’s been running on the northern coast of Hong Kong island since 1904 - From Shaukeiwan in the east to Kennedy Town in the west These east-west bound double-deckers run on rail have a fleet of 163 plus two antique trams.

Tram Tour
Trams run at a relatively slow pace through major residential areas and major commercial / shopping areas of Central and Causeway Bay.

Hong Kong trams are sometimes crowded, especially during peak hours, Sunday and holidays. They are not air-conditioned, you might feel uneasy during summer time. However their speed is slow, therefore they are good for sight seeing.

I would suggest a trip from Central to Causeway Bay where you can see the busiest and the most interesting part of the Hong Kong city. From Central, hop on any east-bound route, or vise versa from Causeway Bay. In either cases, avoid the Happy Valley route, or you won’t be able to see the best city views of Hong Kong.

Tram Stops / Route Map
You will notice that tram stops are sometimes very close to each other. Therefore if you are in a rush, this might not be the best choice of transportation. Some of the major tram stops have covers (see photo) while some others don’t. There are route maps at each of the stops indicating where you are and what the next and previous stops are. However some of them are not quite noticeable, you need to find them.

Download Hong Kong Tram Route Map

Hong Kong Tram Fare
Adult: HK$2 (c.US$0.26)
Child & Senior : HK$1 (c.US$0.13)

This is probably one of the cheapest means of transportation in the world.

You have to pay exact fare – drivers are not responsible for changes. You can pay by your Octopus card.

Operating Hours
06:00 – 24:00

Environmental Friendly
I am the green representative at the company I work for. I go to work everyday on tram and walk home after work. Hong Kong tram is one of the most environmental transportations that I recommend.

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