Sunday, May 30, 2010

National Geo Park, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

You may not aware that Hong Kong has this type of geography - volcanic rocks - hexagonal pillars at Sai Kung, Man Yee Reservior. The journey is a little long to get there, but it is certainly worth it.

Getting There:
From Diamond Hill MTR Station, change to bus 92 (HK$5.8/person) to Sai Kung Pier Terminus. Change to green taxi to go to Man Yee Reservior East Dam. The taxi ride is around HK$100, averaging HK$20/per person if you have 5 in a group. Make sure to ask the taxi driver to wait and take you back, or ask for a paging number to page a taxi to take you back to Sai Kung bus terminus. Otherwise, it is going to be a 3-hour walk. If you are an eco fan, you can try to walk.

Spend about an hour or an hour and a half for a scenic walk. It's going to be a leisure walk, easy to walk even you have kids with you.

The landscape here is pretty impressive!

Sea Caves
Volcanic Hexagonal Pillars!

Try Rock Climbing
Beware of Rocks Rolling Down!

Seafood Lunch After the Geopark Visit
It is highly recommended to have a seafood lunch at the Sai Kung Pier after your geopark visit. There are plenty of seafood restaurants around the bus terminus and you can pick your favourite live seafood - a unique dining experience in Hong Kong.
View photos of my Sai Kung seafood dinner

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Sai Kung National Geopark and Seafood


  1. I love trekking and have booked into cheap hotels Hong Kong for a ten-day trek trip. I will visit the park and also walk back.

  2. Hong Kong, as part of China, may leverage on the initiative of establishing a national Geo park to display to the world its natural conservation results which Hong Kong people are proud of.Thanks for this post on one of my very favorite cities in the world.I never get tired of it!

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  3. Wow! That place is totally a wonderful paradise. So this is the Geo Park, now I know and I believe that this place is truly beautiful.

    Well, am sure am gonna enjoy this place when I visited it. Thanks a lot on this article, I enjoy looking to those photos.

  4. This place looks amazing. I am planning a trip to Hong Kong in February 2011. Is it too far to travel from Hong Kong International airport to the Geopark? If not, do you know where I could check in?


  5. Hi Roopa
    I think it is quite far away from the Airport. I don't know a way to go there directly. Best is to find your way to any MTR station, make a trip to Diamond Hill station. Rest of the trasportation guide is in my post.

  6. Dear Anna
    Thanks for the information. I showed my husband your blog pictures and as an environmental scientist he simply cannot wait to visit. Hong Kong is going to be great!

    Best regards
    Roopa Singh
    South Africa

  7. Hi Roopa
    Hope you have a great Hong Kong trip. There are many geo parks in HK which I think your husband would be interested. Check this link:

  8. Hey Anna,
    Lovely blog!
    My friend is coming to visit me in July and I am planning to take him to the GeoPark and found your blog! He's from Germany and they don't have crazy landscape there.
    Will show him the pictures. Sure he will be impressed!