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Hong Kong Transportation - Taxi

Hong Kong Taxi

In Hong Kong, taxi is the most convenient point-to-point transportation. However due to the small area of land and high density of vehicles, there are lots of restricted areas where taxis cannot stop in certain hours of a day.

Taxi passengers are required by law to wear their seat belts.

Hong Kong Taxi Fare
First 2 Kilometers: HK$18 (c.US$2.3)
Every subsequent 200 metres:
* HK$1.5 (For meter fare below $70.5)
* HK$1 (For meter fare $70.5 and above)

The fare system is designed to lower the expenses for long-journey customers. However due to the inflation in international oil price, taxi drivers had been kept yelling for fare raising.

The taxi fare from Airport to Central in Hong Kong would be around HK$350 (c.US$45).

Additional Charges
* Cross Harbour Tunnel Fee
* Baggages
* Birds and pets
* Wheelchairs
* Any other chargeable items
See detailed Hong Kong Taxi Fare Table

Taxi Receipts and Tipping
Receipts are available, but you need to ask for it, or the taxi driver won’t give you one proactively.

Tipping is not necessary. However some drivers might not give you exact change due to shortage of coins.

Red Taxi and Green Taxi
Hong Kong Taxi has two colours – red and green. The red ones are urban taxis which can run everywhere. The green ones are only allowed to operate within the New Territories and Lantau Island. Green taxi fare is slightly lower with the first 2 kilometers of HK$14.5 only (c.US$1.85) but you need to change to a red taxi at some point if you are going from the New Territories to Kowloon or Hong Kong island.

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