Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hong Kong Transportation - Octopus Card

Octopus Card
If you are going to explore Hong Kong on your own, this is your first thing to do – buy an Octopus card.

Upon your landing at the Hong Kong International Airport, you can buy an Octopus card from the Airport Express customer service counter. If you are in town already, you can buy one from any MTR station customer service centres.

This is an extremely convenient tool for you to get on any public transportation in Hong Kong without worrying about coins and changes.

The Octopus Card is a stored valued card which requires a HK$50 refundable deposit plus a basic ticket value of HK$100, your initial investment is HK$150. However the value shown on the card wouldn’t include the deposit. You are allowed a maximum of HK$35 overdraw. You can add value to the card of not exceeding HK$900 at a time.

Hong Kong transportations that accept Octopus payment are:
Airport Express, MTR, Light Rail, Star Ferry and other ferries, Tram, Peak Tram, green van and limited number of taxis.

The beauty of the Octopus Card does not only limit to Hong Kong transportation. Actually a lot of retail shops accept Octopus payment, such as MacDonald’s, 7-Eleven and many others.

You can purchase an Octopus Card at any of these locations:
• Airport Express Customer Service Centres
• MTR Customer Service Centres
• Light Rail Customer Service Centres

• Add value points - All outlets of 7-Eleven and Circle K Convenience Stores

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