Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ocean Park 2013

Ocean Park Birthday Tour 2013

Yesterday was my birthday, I've taken the advantage of going to Ocean Park for free.  In fact, I did the same last year.  There were something quite different for this year.

Giant Panda - there are two pairs of giant pandas in the Park.  I remember I made this comment last year - giant pandas are always sleeping and red pandas are active.  But this year is exactly in reverse.
I had never imagined to see a a panda in motion, and especially eating bamboo leaves.  Wonderful!  Everyone were so excited.  On the other side, the red pandas were sleeping.  Oh well, I learn a lession from pandas - the world is forever changing!

The Penguin Encounter is new.  Last year it was not open yet.  Be prepared, as it is only 8-10 degrees inside.  There are many species of penguins here.  The large ones are 2-3 feet tall while the small ones are just about a foot. 
I would say I saw more penguins here than in Philip Island Australia.  I like seeing them swimming, diving or jumping up to the shore.  Lovely creatures.

Grand Acuqarium
Sea Jelly Spectacular
At the Main Entrance
As the Ocean Park is one of the world most popular theme parks, there are lots of tourists, both from local and around the world.  The Park is full of people everyday.  But on my birthday, I had a little privilege.  I didn't have to queue to buy a ticket, there is a special counter for birthday guests and it is free.  Although the Park is always full of people, you can still take a good photo if you have patience.  See my photo at the main entrance.

Couple of Things To Note
  1. No personal food is allowed.  You have to buy from the expensive F&B outlets inside the Park.
  2. Every point of interest has photo service.  They are expensive, minimum charge HK$288, inclusive photo, frame and key chain. You are free to take the photos, but you don't have to buy if you don't like the photo.
  1. From Wanchai - take bus 90 or 97 (east bound), get off immediately after the tunnel.  HK$4.7.  A few minutes walk to the Park.
  2. From Admiralty - take bus 629 to the main entrance.  HK$10.9
  3. From elsewhere - take MTR to Admiralty and change to bus 629
Standard Admission Fee

Adult - HK$280
Children (3-11) - HK$140

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