Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bird Viewing in Hong Kong

If you are a fan of bird viewing, Hong Kong has some excellent sites to offer.

The Wetland Park is rich in mangrove birds and some of them are close to extinction such as Black-faced Spoonbills. If you enjoy watching birds in the wild, it is certainly an ideal site which has a lot of visitor facilities.

If you don’t want to travel a long way to the Wetland Park, there is a more convenient way to watching birds. Hong Kong Park has an aviary with plenty of bird species. Apart from the birds living inside the aviary, there are also many other types of bird habitants including the beautiful Cacatua Sulphurea 小葵花鳳頭鸚鵡. Bird watching groups gather here every Wednesday. Depending on opportunities, they may even set up binoculars for visitors to view the wild birds they’ve spotted. I had that chance to share the fun last week.

Last Wednesday October 5 was actually the Double Nine Festival (9th of September in Chinese calendar) and it’s a public holiday in Hong Kong. According to Chinese tradition, we need to go up to high altitude in order to avoid bad luck. Hence the Peak Tram line was long and other public transportations going up to the Peak were full. We’ve therefore decided to go mid level where the Hong Kong Park is. Conveniently situated in central Hong Kong, you can easily access the Park by MTR. Get off at Admiralty and you’ll be connected to the Park by escalators.

On a regular day, you can go watch the birds at the aviary and then continue to go up to the Peak, as the Peak Tram station is just next to the Park. Alternatively you can visit the Tea Museum within the Park. Also next to the Park is the Bank of China where mini exhibitions are usually held at the lobby. On the day of our visit, we decided to go there to see The Living Earth exhibition.

Back to bird viewing, below are a few of my photo collections. Hey, I’m not a professional photographer and birds are not photogenic models. The photos I’ve taken were results of luck.

Maroon-breated Crown Pigeon 紫胸鳳冠鳩
Bali Mynah 長冠八哥
Red Lory and Wompoo Fruit Dove
紅頂吸蜜鸚鵡 / 巨果鳩

Australian Pelican 澳洲鵜鶘

Crested Pigeon 冠鳩

Java Sparrow 爪哇和雀
Following instruction, you can exit the Park and cross the road to the Peak Tram station.
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