Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nan Lian Garden - 南蓮園池

Location: Next to Hollywood Plaza in Kowloon.

I don’t expect to find a park in Hong Kong resembling Tang Dynasty style. But I must admit it is a very beautiful garden. Though it was newly opened in November 2006, it has attracted a lot of travelers, including overseas visitors and photogenic fans. In deed the scenery here is extremely picturesque. No wonder people come with their professional cameras.

Trees, Stones, Flowers, Waterfall
In Nan Lian Garden, the beautiful landscape is combined with a good balance of water, trees and stones, all had their individual postures and style. You must admit that the gardener does a very good job.

Ponds and Fishes
In a typical Chinese garden, ponds with fishes are musts. You would find the kois here are giant size. In Chinese ‘koi’ carries the meaning of wealth and prosperity. Everybody loves to admire them. But mind you, no feeding here.

Exhibitions There are facilities for exhibitions and conferences here. The Chinese architecture miniatures exhibition is free. The other exhibition hall charge HK$20 for adults and HK$10 for children.

Restaurants, Tea Houses and Souvenior Shop
As Nan Lian Garden is managed by a Baddish organisation in Hong Kong, the food provided here is vegetarian. Served with religious music, why not calm down and enjoy a vegetarian meal and getto know about Chinese vegetarian food culture.

At the Tea House, you can also check out the Chinese tea culture. There are minimum charges at the Long Men Lou Restaurant: Lunch HK$85, Dinner HK$110, Tea Time HK$40. I noticed there was a long line waiting for seats around tea time. I think the food here isn’t bad at all.

I had never expected a world class souvenior shop here, but it does exit. It sells top quality Chinese artifacts and very professionally made items. I seldom recommend souvenior shops, but this one is an exception. Spend some time here, you must find something you like.

Travel Information
Opening hours: 7am – 9pm
Admission: Free
Transportation: MTR Diamond Hill Station, Exit C2, three minutes walk
Garden route: One way, you won’t miss any scenic point
Information map: Bilingual (English/Chinese)
Recommended travel time: 2 hours, excluding dinning time
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