Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ma Wan Park 馬彎公園

Location: Park Island (Ma Wan Island)

Opened in 2007, Ma Wan Park has attracted plenty of local and overseas visitors.

Tsing Ma Bridge
Ma Wan Park offers two advantages. For photographic fans who want to take a good landmark photo of Hong Kong, this is the place. From Park Island pier towards Ma Wan Park, you will pass by a beach where it is an ideal place to take photos of the Tsing Ma Bridge, which is an important gateway to Lantau Island where the Hong Kong International Airport is. It is also the world's seventh-longest span suspension bridge

Ma Wan Park is also an ideal place for treasure hunt. Pick up a questionnaire at the entrance, and you can start to explore the park and find answers to the questions. Undoubtedly it is also an ideal place outside the classroom for children's liberal learning. The park have invited heuristic experts in children activities to design activity courses for learning with fun in the classroom of nature, focusing on learning strands of “Self & Personal Development”, “Society and Culture”, “Science, Technology & Environment”.

Major Attractions
* Rainbow Wall
* Sweet Garden
* Windmill Station
* Adventure Journey
* Hilltop Lookout
* Heritage Centre
* Solar Tower
* Noah’s Ark

Travel Information
Admission: Free, however some activities would require a fee
Open Hours: 09:00 – 18:00 - Mon, Fri & Sat / 08:00 to 18:00 - rest of the week
Transportation: From Pier 2 in Central, take ferry (approximately 25 minutes) to Park Island, then walk to the park. HK$20 per trip.

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