Friday, January 30, 2009

Firework at 2009 Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Travel Hong Kong during Chinese New Year has a bonus of admiring our brilliant fireworks. It is a tradition here that at 8pm on the second day of Chinese New Year, there is a firework show at the Victoria Harbour, which usually lasts about 20 minutes.

8pm - January 27, 2009
Victoria Harbour

Firework is an extremely challenge subject to shoot, even for professional photographers. So, why not simply admiring? Here I am going to suggest a number of Hong Kong hotels best for admiring fireworks. But please make sure to book a harbour view room, or you are going to be upset. If you are booking a table at a restaurant, please also make sure it has a harbour view.

Hotels on Hong Kong Island

Hotels on Kowloon

Other Places Ideal to Admire the Fireworks
* Tsimshatsui harbour front outside HK Cultural Centre (Kowloon)
* Harbour front along Victoria Harbour from Central to North Point (Hong Kong Island)
* Restaurants at One Peking Road, Tsimshatsui (Kowloon)
* Restaurants at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (Hong Kong Island)

Hot Dates for Fireworks in Hong Kong
2nd day of Chinese New Year (usually between mid January to mid February) - must
July 1 - Establishment of HKSAR - not mandated
October 1 - National Day

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