Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hong Kong Shopping Malls - Lankmark

The Landmark
The Landmark used to be the most prestigious among all Hong Kong shopping malls before the opening of the IFC mall. At the heart of Central, it connects two blocks of A-grade office buildings and the Landmark Oriental.

The mall itself has five levels and an in-door fountain in the middle. All kinds of world famous designers’ fashion, jewellery and leather goods are available here. At some stage, it was on local news headline that tourists line up at the Louis Vuitton shop at The Landmark as they were unable to buy original LV products at such attractive price elsewhere in the world.

Connected to the Landmark via covered foot bridges are smaller malls at Prince’s Building and Alexandra House. All these Hong Kong shopping malls are selling very prestigious fashion and accessories.

Direction: MTR Central station

Quick tip: In Central, there is a well developed cover footbridge network linking up most of the shopping malls. You call walk from Four Seasons Hotel to IFC all the way to The Landmark without crossing a road or carrying an umbrella on a rainy day. The buildings and malls in the network are namely IFC I & II, Exchange Square, Prince’s Building, Chater House, Alexandra House, Worldwide House and The Landmark.

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