Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dog Parking at Stanley

Stanley is a good place for dog lovers to walk their dogs.  On weekends or holidays, you can treat this place as a mini dog show.

Today is the New Year Day of 2014.  To avoid the marching crowd in the city, I come over to Stanley and spend an afternoon here for a leisure walk and take some dog photos.

As there are many dog lovers in this area, there are many related services here - dog hotel, dog grooming, dog doctor, dog everything, including dog parking.  Dog owners just park their dogs outside the supermarket, and pick them up after shopping.

Dog owners can easily make friends, especially when their dogs start greeting each other.

Dog parking is also available at restaurants.  In fact, dog owners just sit next to their dogs, so they are still paying attention to each other.

Dogs of all sizes and colors can be found.  See, they even have their 'personal' carpet!

A leisure walk at Stanley waterfront would allow viewing two landmarks which were being relocated from Central.  Yes, relocated from Central.  

Murray  House was originally in Central and the whole building was being moved here in 2001.  You can now find all kinds of restaurants here.
So as the Blake Pier which was also situated in Central previously.

Blake Pier and Murray House

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