Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chinese New Year Photos in Hong Kong

As Chinese New Year is approaching, the city of Hong Kong is getting more and more colourful. Shops, restaurants, homes, everywhere - people are beautifying places with flowers and all kinds of CNY decorations. Let me share with you some of the views of Hong Kong.

Large floral decorations at Pacific Place Shopping MallA Close Up of the Tao Hua. May be weather is getting warm, flowers are opening up quickly.
Red and gold are typical Chinese colours at Chinese New Year. A big new year decoration at the shopping arcade of Times Square.
Even on a street, you can find decorations like this - Russell Street, outside Times Square.
My office is here at Times Square. Here are the tangerines at the lift lobby.
Almost all commercial buildings are deocrating their lift lobbies. Here's another one resembling the year of Dragon.
Chinese like gold bars, gold cubes, gold everything are used to decorate display windows.
The floral arrangement within hotels are added some Chinese colour as well. The yellow ones are only available around Chinese New Year.
Some traditional new year decorations outside a hotel restaurant.
The reception areas of a Chinese restaurant. See beautiful floral arrangements.

Even MacDonald's is adding some Chinese taste to its cappuccino. I really don't know how they turn their house symbol 'M' into this Chinese character 'fortune'. Wonderful!

Chinese New Year Dim Sums are all given good names. The dumplings below have pork's tongue, dry oyster and hairy vegetable - all related to profit, good business and lucky money.
Pork's knuckle is also a must-eat during Chinese New Year, meaning lots of lucky money throughout the year.

City Views of Hong Kong - Chinese New Year 2012

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