Saturday, May 28, 2011

Red Trees in Hong Kong

If you visit Hong Kong in the months of May or June, you are going see sights like these. Red trees everywhere. Being a native Hong Konger, I just can't stop myself behave like a visitor. Today (May 28, 2011) I go to the Victoria Park and take these photos. Hope you like them.

I am trying to take some close up of the flowers, but I'm not a professional photographer. And my camera is not professional also. But if you want to take a good look of the flowers, visit my friend Gao Lao's blog, his flowers are brilliant.

The building behind is Hotel Park Lane. If you want to have a good view of the Victoria Park and the red trees, do book a room with a park view.

Red Trees in motion.

Hong Kong Travel Blog - Red Trees at the Victoria Park

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