Monday, May 3, 2010

Luxury Coffee Shops in Hong Kong

For coffee lovers, you may find Hong Kong a paradise when you want to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. If you are fond of Italian coffee, these are the coffee shops you should never miss: Cova, Cafee Vergnano and Cafee Habitu are the luxury coffee shops I like most. Apart from their superb coffee quality, they provide luxury environment and wireless internet services. You would provide your own computer and sit on comfortable sofa or working table to work while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The disadvantage of these luxury coffee shops is that they don’t have many shops around. Click on the links and find a shop close to where you are.

On the contrary, internationally renowned coffee shop Starbucks, have plenty of shops here. Once you land in Hong Kong, you’ll find one when you leave your aircraft. Pacific Coffee, a relatively regional brand also have plenty of shops in town. Most of these luxury coffee shops are equipped with wireless internet services. Though some of the shops provide computer terminals, it is best to bring your own.

Luxury Coffee Shop at Top of Hong Kong
Among the luxury coffee shops here, there is one I like the most: Pacific Coffee at the Peak Tower. Get a corner table at the outdoor section – A perfect place to enjoy a breathtaking view of Hong Kong while discussing some personal or confidential matters, and of course with a cup of lovely coffee in hand.

Pacific Coffee at The Peak Tower
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  1. wow..what a nice view!=)maybe i'll check it out when im there next mth